Remember the E-ticket rides at Disneyland? They were the big exciting rides. They had everything: speed, thrills, head-spinning excitement. We like to think of Whale Rock as the E-ticket of beach houses. It too has everything: a romantic bungalow, direct access to a beautiful beach, extraordinary bluff-top views, a spa deck under the stars, rollicking surf, the meandering Ten Mile River, and the vast duned stretches of MacKerricher State Park.
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The Beach. A staircase descends from Whale Rock to a sandy beach which is excellent for sunbathing, sand castles, and surf skimming. At low tide you can explore the house's namesake rock and even walk through a tunnel from one side to the other. Next to Whale Rock is a small archway called Cathedral Rock, the site of more than one local wedding ceremony.

The River. Just south of Whale Rock the Ten Mile River flows into the Pacific Ocean. Seldom deeper than two or three feet it offers a fun place for family play. The water temperature is always warmer than the ocean. Wade across the river and you've entered the northern-most tip of MacKerricher State Park.

The Dunes. Just across the Ten Mile River are the beaches and dunes of MacKerricher State Park. You can walk the beach for ten miles all the way to the Noyo River at the other end of Fort Bragg. Or you can find yourself a private spot for a picnic in the vast dunes which extend back from the surf as much as a half-mile. The dunes are the secret to great weather in the Whale Rock area. The warm air rising from the dunes pushes the coastal fog bank away from shore.

The Bluff. Want to laze around in the hot sun without walking down to the beach? Take a few steps down to the bluff top and enjoy the sun, a zephyr of a cooling breeze, and an engaging bird's eye view of the beach and surf.

The Spa . Enjoy a relaxing spa session while also soaking up a great view of the Pacific and Whale Rock. Whether at sunset or under a canopy of stars or in the glow of a full moon its a very special experience.


The Garden. Gardens surround much of the house and depending on the season they feature a variety of roses, wild flowers, and even maybe a fresh artichoke or two.


The Perch. If you don't care to make it down to the beach then a short stroll from the house to this deck on the edge of the bluff is a pleasing alternative. And you can easily hop back to the house for another cold beer. Also, The Perch, like the house at Whale Rock, is wheelchair accessible.